5 Ways to Influence People to Buy Your Products and Services

Are you an influencer? Okay, you might not be sure. But let me stress, having a large social media following doesn’t necessarily make you an influencer, but it can help. Here’s how to know if you are an influencer. You are revolutionary. You’ve thought of ideas and used those ideas to connect with people globally. You are intentional and strategic with all aspects of your life because it’s important to build a life based on freedom and independence. You are a rule breaker. You don’t take no for an answer, and you don’t like to be told you can or can’t do something.

5 Ways to Influence People to Buy Your Products and Services

If any of these sound like you…you ARE an influencer. Now you just need to use this influence to reach more people and sell your products and services. Why? Because influencers like to impact as many people as they can…while making money doing what they love. So here are five ways to influence people to buy your products or services.

1.   Be Consistent

You have to show up every day. Your niche needs to see, hear, and trust what you are saying. So develop a visibility plan to show up on your top three social media sites, weekly in your email list, and regularly (two to three times a day) in your favorite social media groups. This will build likability and people have to like you to buy from you.

I admit, even I struggled early on with being consistent. It’s not easy balancing a full-time job (if you are still in one), 1:1 coaching clients, and all the other aspects of being a one woman show or solopreneur. Facebook has its own free built in scheduler which I use to schedule all of my Facebook posts. I use Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts and Tailwind to schedule my pins for Pinterest.

2.   Create Your Brand Identity

Showing up consistently is important but who you show up as every single day is important to your potential buyer too. Have you thought about who you really are and how you want to be “seen” online? A lot of what people see about you can attract or repel your potential buyers. But don’t worry, just be YOURSELF that’s all you need to do.

For example, I’m really not a bad-ass, lol. I see a lot of entrepreneurs use that tagline quite a bit and that’s okay if you are that, but it’s also okay if you are not that. I identify myself as a mom that hustles because I have children and I work every day towards what I want to accomplish in my life. You don’t need a tagline but you do need to establish who you are to others.

3.   Create content

Content marketing is one of the top ways to influence your niche and get them to buy from you. Guess what creating FREE content does? It attracts your ideal client to you like bees to honey and it helps you build trust. The trust factor is the secret to selling out your products and services and it’s been used in sales strategies time and time again.

Here are a few ways to build amaze-balls content:

  • Ask your niche what they are struggling with

  • Create content around one struggle (keep it short and sweet, but valuable)

  • Once you snag a few subscribers continue to send them content weekly full of high-value

Need help scheduling your content strategy? Download the exact content creation planner I use to schedule my content every month!

Download the Content Creation Planner

4.   Get Testimonials

Getting testimonials is one of the best ways to show “social proof” that you are what you say you are, especially when you are just starting out. When you catch someone’s attention they are going to check you out and you don’t want to disappoint. You can have testimonials on your website, email them to your list, or display them on your social media pages. If you are new, leverage free services or products in exchange for testimonials.

Since your primary goal is to sell your products and services, your testimonials should highlight the products and services you want to sell.

5.   Create an email marketing funnel

I don’t want to lose you here, but an email marketing funnel is just a fancy term for a series of emails that you send to people who subscribe to your free content. That’s it! The key to creating great funnels is to make sure there is a goal in mind. For selling products and services, the goal is to turn the subscriber into a buyer.