How to Host Your Online Course using Gumroad

If you are anything like me, you have put off creating your online course for a few reasons. But what I hear from most course creators is that the technical side of creating an online course is more frightening than childbirth (eek)!

Here are some reasons why you may be scared poop-less of the technical side of online course creation.

  1. You haven’t taken a computer class since you were in high school.

  2. The thought of trying to figure out course automation makes you want to eat a gallon of ice cream while watching the Avengers (this might not be so bad).

  3. You barely have enough time to create your online course; let alone time to figure out technical crap.

How to Host Your Online Course using Gumroad.png

Okay, okay, enough is enough! You get the picture! 

I want to show you how I avoided pulling off my wig (wigs are a no-brainer), and how I host my online courses using Gumroad.

Are you thinking how did she become the expert of course hosting? Well, not trying to toot my own horn (toot, toot) but I’ve been an online course creator for over 10 years in corporate American. And now as an entrepreneur, I create online courses for busy entrepreneurs who want to avoid online course overwhelm so they can focus more on the content and not the icky stuff.

Okay enough about me, now let’s talk about how you can host your online course. You can do this seamlessly with Gumroad. Check out my quick six-minute video tutorial below on how to do it. And wait for my shameless plug at the end to join the Moms That Hustle Facebook Group