How to Find Your Ideal Student for Your Online Course

Some people think finding students for your online course is more daunting than actually creating an online course. But I know for a fact that finding your ideal student is not hard. It’s super easy and here’s why, your student is usually right under your nose. All you have to do is take a little time to find them and attract them to you. Here's how:

how to find your ideal student (1).png


1.   Look on Social Media

If you like social media like most of us do (and that includes your students), then your students are right at your finger tips. I have found all of my clients on Facebook, some were in specific groups, some followed me, and some I followed them. So I KNOW you can find students for your online course.

But even though your students are on social media, you may ask the question, how do I get them to notice my online course and what I’m selling? Well, the goal is to get them to follow you EVERYWHERE, then go to your website, and finally sign up for freebie so that they are in your sales funnel. This isn’t as complicated as it looks and I talk about a lot of this in my new group coaching program called $10K in 30 Days. But one of the main ways to create a connection is to be helpful and not car salesman (ooh icky)!

2.   Networking Events

I have been guilty of not going to a lot of networking events because I love hiding behind social media (I know that’s bad but it’s the truth). But networking is not dead! It is the old school way of getting clients, customers, and students and it still works! Actually networking helps build relationships quicker than talking to someone behind a computer. Why; because you actually become a real human being with thoughts and feelings. It’s a great way to connect on a much deeper and personal level.

So what type of networking events should you attend? Duh, lol! You go to events that your ideal clients will go to. No brainer, right? So if you are creating an online course about weight loss, then you might want to attend a Weight Loss Convention or networking event. If you want to create an online about potty training for 2 year olds, you might want to network with moms with 2 year olds. Pretty simple huh? The key is to get out there, take your business cards, and get to know people first. Disclaimer: This requires planning.

3.   Create Content

Content marketing is hawt! It’s being taught everywhere and probably by everyone, lol, but that is because it works! It works because it allows you to draw your potential students to you and you don’t have to search so much for them. How does content marketing work? Well, you create amazing FREE content that draws in your ideal student. Very simple! You could create a checklist, cheat sheet, blueprint, report, etc. Your free content just needs to have value and full of great information. That is how you will draw in your ideal student and get them interested in your paid online course.

The key here is to create something that will compliment or pair well with your online course. For example, I’ve created two freebies, an online course roadmap, a blueprint, and a checklist that all pair with my new group program called the $10K in 30 Days Challenge. It pairs well because it helps my audience with a small win and my larger paid offer gives even more results. That’s how you do it!