27 Ways to Improve Content Creation

Creating content should not be a daunting task. It should be fun to know that you are going to connect with your audience, get to know them, and offer things that can help them succeed. But what happens is we get overwhelmed because most of the time we are not confident in what we are creating. And if we are creating but still here crickets, we get discourage. That ends now! Here are 27 ways to improve your content creation process so that you connect emotionally to your audience and make money.

27 Ways to Improve Content Creation.png

 1.         Create What You Know

 A lot of time we get consumed with what others are creating or following influencers and watching what they post next. It doesn’t help our business or what we should be doing. Be confident in your own creativity. Take a break from watching your favorite influence or the competition and get to know who you are as an entrepreneur and do what you are good at.

 2.       Brand Your Content

 Branding your content is important for a couple of reasons. People begin to recognize who you are and what you stand for, and it creates trust. When you want to convert followers or visitors into buyers, make sure your content is branded.

 3.      Keep It Simple

Many of us overthink creating content. When creating always keep it simple. Confused followers don’t buy. Don’t bog down your audience with too many colors, too many words, and too many themes.

 4.      Recreate what’s working

 Use your social media analytics to review what is working and what is not. On your website, check what pages are visited most often. On your social media accounts, analyze what posts get the most engagement. Posting more of what your audience enjoys will make your content resonate and turn your audience into buyers.

 5.      Be authentic

 You become authentic by staying by being yourself, staying true to your voice, and being unique. A lot of times we spend way too much time watching what others are do and unknowingly try to copy their style, their voice, and their ideas. It won't work. Someone else's voice is their voice. Your voice is your voice. Use your own voice and make your own mark. If you do this, you will see your business transform.

 6.       Be clear and concise

 Being clear and concise is Writing 101. Communication is the only way to connect with your audience. If you are not being clear or not communicating effectively, you will give your audience mixed signals or no signals at all.

 7.       Stick to one main theme

 Ask yourself who are you as a business owner or entrepreneur to your core? Whatever your answer is should be the main theme of your business. That doesn’t mean not to share other aspects of who you are but to stick to what you do and what you can help your audience achieve.

 8.      Keep Your Audience in Mind

 You should always be creating content for your audience. When you sit down to create anything, keep your audiences’ struggles, hopes, and dreams in your mind. This makes creating content easier because you are making it about your audience and not yourself.

 9.       Schedule Your Content

 Scheduling your content will 100% improve your content creation process. And the good things is, that there are lot of free websites that will enable you to schedule your content in advance so that you can set it and forget it. Facebook has its own internal scheduler. Planoly will allow you to schedule one Instagram post a day for free. And if you create a Twitter ads account, you can schedule tweets for free.

 10.  Choose a Platform Your Love

A lot of times when we don’t enjoy the platform we are using, the process of creating that content is daunting. Choose one platform to create your content and stay consistent with growing THAT platform. Add additional platforms, when you have mastered one.

 11.     Learn How to Use Content Creation Tools

 Content creation tools like Canva, PicMonkey, and Giphy help make your graphics for social media and your blog appealing to your audience. Use these tools to make your graphics look professional. Invest time in learning these tools to help make your content creation process quicker and easier.

 12.   Create a Content Strategy

Content strategy refers to the planning, development, and management of content. When you are clear on your strategy, you will be able to create your content much easier. Knowing who your audience is, what they struggle with, and how you can help them will all aid you with creating a content strategy.

13.   Draw from Your Life Experiences

 Believe it or not, when it comes to connecting with people being able to share your own story is super important. Create posts that draw from your own life experiences. Explain who you are and how you came to the decision to start a business.

 14.  Ask Your Audience

Social media was created for you to socialize, so why are you not asking your audience what they struggle with, what they enjoy learning, or what they need to be successful? Utilize your polls, surveys, and other tools to ask your audience questions and help you create content effortlessly.

15.  Batch Your Content

 Batching is an easy way to purge yourself from content and get it down all in one setting. Batching works because during that time you can focus on being creative and working specifically on content only.

 16.   Focus on a Goal or Purpose

 When you don’t have a goal or purpose in mind when you create your content, it can become brutal to come up with ideas. Set a clear goal before you begin creating. When you have a clear path set, your ideas about what you want to create become clearer.

17.   Don’t Create Just to Create

One of the worse things you can do is create content just because you feel that you have to. Creating when you don’t want to makes creating a chore rather than a fun way to express yourself and teach your audience.

 18.  Capture Your Thoughts

 Keeping a journal or pen and pad is a good way to capture your thoughts and ideas on the spot. Sometimes the smallest thing, watching TV, reading a magazine, or driving to the grocery store, can evoke inspiration or ideas that you may need to jot down. I get a lot of my content ideas from doing these things and capturing my thoughts on paper.

 19. Create Variety

Creating the same content over and over can stifle any creativity that you have. Try creating a variety of content; graphics, video, gifs, lives, articles, and/or podcasts. Your audience will appreciate the variety and your brain will appreciate the ideas you will be able to come up with.

20. Carve Out Time

Designate at time to create your content. When you outline time to focus on your content you become clearer. During this time, you can plan your content around your goals, analyze what’s working, and batch new content.

 21. Break Your Content into Categories

 Another way to help you create content quicker and faster is to break your content into categories. To do this, decide on what you want to create weekly. For example; if you are a health coach, week one you may want to focus on nutrition so you content will resemble that. Creating categories will give you a weekly focus and help you create content quickly.

 22. Do Your Research

 Make sure you are doing your research when it comes to your audience. Research your competitors’ pages. Do a Google Trends search. Or, check out Amazon best seller’s list. Find out what is trending in your niche. When you do this creating content will become much easier.

 23. Share Others’ Content

One of the easiest ways to create content is to share what others are creating. If the content will resonate with your audience, share it! Sharing other people’s contents also helps you establish relationships with others. It’s a great way to help your audience and for you to create new partnerships.

 24. Re-use Old Content

You have been creating all this content so why aren’t you posting things that you’ve already made? For example, if time has passed and the message it still relevant, share it again. Most times, due to algorithms, many haven’t even laid eyes on your post. Re-use old content so that more eyes get on it.

 25. Use Templates

 Templates can be a heaven sent. They are a guide to help you create things faster and easier, without feeling overwhelm. Content creation tools like Canva do the work for you by creating templates that you can easily edit to match your brand.

 26. Leverage Testimonials

 Testimonials are a form of content that you don’t have to specifically create, but your audience can. Reach out to people who have worked for you and ask them to give you a statement that you can make into a graphic or ask them to record a video that you can share. This will give you content as well as social proof.

 27. Get Help

 If all else fails, get some help. There is no need continue driving the struggle bus. There are plenty of coaches, agencies, and other professionals that can help you get your content in order. Book a call with me and let’s chat about what you’re struggling with and how we can get your content up and running.