How to Create Content that Engages Your Audience and Gets Them Ready to Buy

So first, before we begin talking about what type of content you should create, who to create it for, and how to create it, let’s define what content is. Content is any type of information geared towards a specific audience. Content can come in the form of social media posts, eBooks, videos, blog posts, etc. So, if it is information with a purpose, it is considered content.

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Find Your Why

Now why is creating content so important to you? Before you can begin creating the right content, you want to understand if the content is working or not after you implement. Therefore, what do you want to accomplish with your content?

·       Do you want more followers?

·       Do you want more engagement?

·       Do you want sponsorships?

·       Do you want more sales?

·       Do you want to grow your email list?

·       Do you want to more website traffic?

To accomplish one or more of the above goals, you need to start thinking about what content can you create that will help you successfully accomplish your goal(s). (I think this is the part where people get stuck.)

Let’s Revisit Your Ideal Client Avatar

To develop content that gets regular engagement and increases sales, you must ask yourself who is your ideal client. But not just creating an ideal client avatar. OMG, I’ve heard this so much I literally want to pluck each of my eyebrows out (and I don’t have much, lol). It’s more than just knowing the age, household income, or family size of your ideal client. It’s about knowing your ideal client emotionally,

What makes them sad or happy? What makes them laugh or cry? What makes them buy or not? What are their values? Answering these questions will determine what you will say with your content. Take some time to do your research and write down the answers to these questions. Follow your ideal client, read what they post, and be sure to interact with them so that you can begin to understand their emotional side.

Content that Connects

Now let’s look at the types of content you can create for Instagram.

1.          Human-focused Content

Some people forget when posting that they are trying to appeal to another person. We get so consumed with wanting to make the sale, we forget the person who we are selling to. And most people, no matter what niche, want to see that you are a real human-being and not a chat-bot or a robot on Instagram only trying to get followers. So, to appeal to that natural humanistic side of people, you want to post more content of you. Here are some examples:

·       You at working

·       You working with a client

·       You at a community function

·       You hanging with your family

 2.        Product-focused Content

 When you are selling there is a way to do it and a way not to do it. With so many people on social media selling, you can easily become one of those entrepreneurs that jumps on the selling bandwagon, doing what everyone else does. Don’t get me wrong, promoting your products and services is not a bad thing. We must sell to make a living, but also have to get better at promoting and selling so that it doesn’t come across as spammy. Well one-way to do that is to post pictures of your products. This promotes your products without the “buy this” speech. Here are some other ways to promote your products:

 ·       Get people to wear your product

·       Show behind the scenes of your production creation process

·       Show images of your shipping/sending your product

 3.        Text Graphics

Even though Instagram is all about the photos. It is still a place where text is completely acceptable. In additional to images, you can create text graphics as well. Now what you create will depend on your ideal client. You have several options here. For example, everyone enjoys motivation. Some of the most successful online coaches and motivational speakers have built their businesses solely on finding ways to motivate their ideal client by using quotes;

·       Motivational quotes

·       Funny quotes

·       Testimonials

·       Expert/Industry leader quotes

·       Statistics

 4.      Other People’s Content

Some of the best content you can use is what other people create for you. You see it all the time on Instagram now, especially in Instagram stories. When someone is enjoying your training or consuming your content they tag you and other’s get to see your content as well. This is free promotion which looks great on your part because it shows someone else consuming and enjoying your content, your product, or service. It’s a great way to get others to buy from you. It’s like FOMO, the fear of missing out. It’s amazing!  To get people to create content for you, offer some type of incentive if they share. Sometimes giving a basic call to action (CTA) is all you need to get someone to share your content, especially if the content is good and helpful. If this article has been helpful to you, please feel free to share to your social media sites and pin on Pinterest. Here are types of content others can create for you:

 ·       Reviews

·       Testimonials

·       Instagram stories consuming the product

 Need Next Steps?

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