4 Ways to Build Interest Around Your Online Course

How would it feel if launching your online course was easy and didn't require an exhausting, icky schedule? 

How would it feel if all your hard work of promoting your online course really paid off resulting in a $20,000 pay day when your cart opened?

It's really not hard to do! Why do I say that?

4 Ways to Build Interest Around Your Online Course.png


Cause I truly believe you can do what you want and get exactly what you want. I've been working hard on my own mindset as it relates to selling and to get a 5-figure or more pay for an online course, you need to believe you can do it and remove your limiting beliefs that you are not good enough or that you will fail. So I'll say it for you. You ARE good enough and you WILL succeed!

Now that's out of the way, let's get down to business. Even though your limiting beliefs have been resolved around what you can make with your online course let's put in a little bit of work. Because the truth is, no matter how great your mindset is you must add action to the mix.

So you have an online course (but this strategy can work with any digital or physical product) that you want to build interest around so that you can meet your 5 or 6-figure sales goal.

Here is what you do to help you create some buzz and excitement around your online course before you even open your cart so that your online course sells, sells, sells!

1. Be excited about your online course

There is nothing worse than not being excited about your own products. That is not even acceptable, LOL...If you aren't excited about it, trust me no one else will. So when you go on Facebook or Instagram Live (this is a strategy within itself), make sure you are overjoyed by what you are offering. You can easily feel this way when you know what you are offering is going to benefit whoever buys it in a BIG way.

2. Create a FREE event around your online course

People like a good FREE party. I know I do! So create one for your online course. Have a giveaway or host a free 5 day challenge to get people pumped up and excited about your online course. You can really get creative here and do whatever you want. The key to a good giveaway or challenge is to make sure you have specific rules and reward those daily who are particpating. This is not the time to be disengaged with your audience.

3. Create content

Don't forget that you should be telling the world about your online course so one of the best ways to do that is to create content around it. There are a few things you can do to create content around your online course. Head over to your favorite social media sites and make sure you create and schedule content that relates to your online course. You should also write a few blog posts around the topics related to your online course. Schedule this too so that its not too much work. Launching a new product should be easy. Lastly make sure you create a few freebies or lead magnets. The strategy here is that you want to use the freebie to get people on your email list. With a series of emails, you can build the grow, like, and trust factor.

4. Get help

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Partner with others who you are not in direct competition with. I teach online course creators how to get 5 to 6-figures from their course launches and I enjoy partnering with marketing experts because marketing is a big piece of the hitting a six figure launch. You could also use the partner strategy to host a joint venture webinar. In both cases you may offer a portion of your course sales. You can also leverage your current audience to help you sell your online course. To sweeten the deal, offer commission or affiliate income. They would be kicking down the door to help!